Looking for Lambrettas for Brighton Marathon 2014

We are looking for 3 Lambretta owners who would be interested in leading the Brighton Marathon runners on Sunday 6th April 2014.

Brighton Marathon 2014

Just like last year, the Brighton Marathon plans to be a spectacular day, that involves the entire city coming together to cheer on those who are running for various charities.

We will be riding on behalf of the local charity, Sussex Nightstop, who tackle the issue of youth homelessness.

Here’s the highlights programme on Channel 4 (find us at 11:06):

And here’s our video!


Fancy showing off your pride & joy on this epic (televised) event?

Please contact us with a picture of your scooter, your name, and scooter registration.

Quadrophenia 2 – The Sequel is Being Produced!

I got all excited in the stomach when I heard the news that there is a sequel to the 1979 movie Quadrophenia.

It was revealed back in October that Bill Curbishley, the man who produced the original movie, was working on a script for a sequel to Quadrophenia.

Just to refresh the memory, here’s a trailer of the original:

This new movie will be set in the 1970’s; the journey of young Jimmy Cooper (originally played by Phil Daniels) carries on 10 years after the original storyline. Whether or not our home town Brighton will be involved in the story is yet to be confirmed.

I’m sure there will be a lot of both scepticism and pure excitement about this.. We will update you on any further news as and when we have it!

Until then, just sit back and enjoy the original 1973 album by The Who:


There is also news that Peter Meadows’ books, ‘To Be Someone‘ & ‘To Be Someone 2‘ have also been considered for the storyline of the 2nd Quadrophenia movie.

Quadrophenia booksSource: Twitter

quadrophenia 2
Source: Facebook

Peter Meadows Update:

Since this was posted, it has certainly made some great discussion! Here’s the latest update from Peter himself regarding his books, and the status of the film:

Quadrophenia Sequel

Peter states that the actor, screenwriter, producer & director, Ray Burdis wants to direct this movie.

Pete Townshend Update:

There have also been rumours that Pete Townshend’s “White City” project could also play a part of a sequel, which can be heard/watched below:

Whether it is Bill Curbishley’s script, Peter Meadows’ books or Townshend’s project that is used, we are sure to see some sort of sequel in the next coming years.

What are your thoughts on a sequel to Quadrophenia?
Let us know in the comments box below!

We’re back!

It’s been a painful couple of months getting the new site up and running- but we’re pleased to announce (as you can see) that it’s now live! There are still plenty of tweaks to be done, but we’re happy to get the ball rolling…

We’ve been trying to maintain our online presence via our Instagram account whilst the website has been down. Check out what’s new on there if you haven’t already!

But now it’s time to enlighten you on some new features of the website..

So, what’s new?

Sell a scooter

Sell your scooters

One thing that we’re really excited about is that you can now advertise your Vespa or Lambretta for free. Apologies to all other brands of scooters, but we’re sticking to these two. So if you’re in the UK and looking to sell a scooter, fill out our simple form and find your scooter advertised on here- we’ll make sure we promote it on our social accounts too.

Of course, once we list these advertisements, you will also be able to BUY a Vespa or Lambretta.

Our Crew

On this page you have the chance to get to know the team behind My Little Scooter a little more. You can go on our individual pages and find out how to reach us on our own social accounts.

Scooter boys

UK Scooter Rallies (2014)

scooter rally list

Last year we had just a board on our Pinterest account that promoted all of the UK scooter rallies in 2013. This year, we have an entire page dedicated to anyone interested in getting to a scooter rally this year. You can find one by location or date.

Please contact us if you know of a rally we haven’t listed.


We have made a page dedicated to all of the videos we have uploaded to the world so far. This includes our YouTube & Instagram videos.

Vespa videos

Not too sure if the Instagram videos are working on all devices yet (sorry!).. You can still see them here though.

Updated Instagram Feed

Although this isn’t entirely new, our Instagram feed is looking much nicer. If you use the hashtag #MyLittleScooter on Instagram your picture will appear here, along with your username.

Instagram Feed

A new feature we will be rolling out will be choosing our favourite #MyLittleScooter pictures and featuring them on the blog each week- so get snapping!

New Design

This is surely something you would have noticed by now, but the website has a brand-spanking new look. The refurbishment to the entire website will help propel our ideas we have for the future- this is only the beginning!

Help yourself to navigate around the website and take a look at all of our updates.

Check out all of our social accounts that you can interact with and please give us any feedback on anything you notice.


We know there are plenty of things that need tidying up, but ultimately we’re just excited to be able to finally get back up and running!

‘Til next time. Peace & love.

Brightona – 10th Anniversary

We will be heading down to Madeira Drive for Brightona’s 10th anniversary on Sunday 13th October 2013.
Brightona has become a legendary event for bikers all over the country. We’re fortunate enough to have it based in the heart of our home city!

The aim of this years’ Brightona event is to raise money for the Sussex Heart Charity.

(The idea for Brightona was originally conceived by Abby Goldin who had suffered a heart attack, and because of the life saving treatment Abby received in Brighton he decided to raise money for the Sussex Heart Charity.)
Thousands of people turned up last year to enjoy the array of bikes, bought items at stalls and danced to a wide range of music from 4 different stages. An estimated £20,000 was raised by local bikers last year- and we aim to collectively make even more this year.


This certainly is one of those special events where bikers of all backgrounds come together to do something for a good cause.
The custom bike show is always a great asset to Brightona; there’s no doubt that you will see some truly unbelievable machines (even if they’re not scooters!) that you will envy the owners of.
If you fancy entering your bike, you can send an email.
There will also be hotrods, more music (including SKA), more stalls and the wall of death.
We’re heading down with Brighton Scooter Club for lunch time.
If you’re coming down, let us know- and make sure you come say ‘ello!

Do I Need L Plates?

Unsure about L-Plate rules? Have you been riding a 125cc with a CBT, but with no L-Plates?
Here’s Ben‘s first post about his little incident the other day..
There’s me thinking I would never get pulled over for not wearing my L-plates, and what happened on Friday the 4th of October 2013?

Yep! You guessed it..

I got Pulled over by a traffic police officer when I was riding with Markie.
Luckily enough for me, the police officer was a fellow biker himself.
But this goes out to any provisional licence holder with only a CBT..

Wear your L plates!

Because next time, this could be you. And you might not be so lucky;
you may just pick yourself up six points (3 points for a missing one on the front & 3 for missing one on the rear), get fined – and ultimately lose your license.
Here’s what the law has to say about it:
“You MUST first pass the theory test for motorcycles and then the moped practical test to obtain your full moped licence.”
“If you passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001 you are qualified to ride a moped without L plates.”
“If you passed your car driving test after this date you MUST complete CBT before riding a moped on the road.”
So, if you’re one of these people, just think to yourself..

“Is really worth it?”

What is your opinion on the laws regarding L plates?
Do you think that they are clear enough?
Do you or do you not wear them?
We’d love to hear your views below.

Scooter Shoot-Out: Ant on his Vespa Sprint

Anthony made the long trip up to Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire for the scooter shoot-out. Thankfully, he took his sprinter up in the van for the 280 mile journey- making sure she was in full working order for the races.
Anthony Anscombe at Scooter shoot-out in York
Instagram Image

He managed to bag himself some pretty decent times:

1/8th mile: 56.9mph
1/4 mile: 65.8 mph – 18.54 seconds
1/4 mile: 63.3 mph – 18.43 seconds
1/2 mile: 67.1 mph & 80.6mph
(on Rhys Williams’ smallframe polini Evo)
Image courtesy of Ian Hopkins
Ant has a secret project which he’s planning to have ready for next year’s scooter race.. Something tells me he’s aiming for the 100 mph mark!

About 99% the engine specs for Ant’s Vespa Sprint:

Malossi 136 Kit
Exhaust port matched to exhaust header pipe 
Enlarger transfer ports
Widened exhaust port (65%) 
Mazzucchelli race crank
24phbl carb
24 polini manifold
Engine cases ported
Franz exhaust
DRT runner tree (short 3rd and extra short 4th gears)
DRT 27/69 primary gears
What are your thoughts on the setup?If you feel like you want to get involved in tuning a smallframe Vespa then I recommend registering to the Vespa smallframe forum (if you haven’t already)- there are a lot of decent people out there with a lot of knowledge & experience who are willing to help out with tips and advice.

Mersea Island Scooter Rally 2013 – Snail Pace Race

Markie made it to Mersea Island last weekend for the 2013 scooter rally.
There will be much more content on his weekend, but I thought we should start by celebrating his win in the ‘snail pace race’!
The idea is to go as slow as you can, without touching the floor, in the straightest line.

Snail Pace Race Video:

And here’s the trophy:

Mersea Island Scooter Rally 2013
Original image from our Instagram
 There’s a lot of skill & balance involved in this race, which focuses on the skill of the rider rather than the scooter they’re riding.
Good on ya, Markie! We’re proud of you lad.

Riders Needed for an Advert in Brighton

Want to earn £100 for being filmed on your scooter as an extra for an advert?

We were approached on our Facebook page with the following message:
We are looking for some Bikers/Mods to appear as extra’s in a advert that will be filmed in Brighton on the 12th of September.
Ideally we would like the bikers (Male & Female) to be around 18-25 years old, all having there own bikes that may also appear in the commercial.
This will be a paid job of £100 + £10 for travel, roughly working for about 6 hours.

If you know anyone that may be interested then could they please contact me on- 0207 437 7426.
We would preferably like the bikes not to look too new, and my need to dirty them up a bit,

We would like to have pictures of you and your bike sent over to- rbishop@rsafilms.co.uk

 If you fancy it, you know what to do!

Brighton Modernist & 60s Weekender 2013

Scooterists, Skinheads & Mods alike from all over the UK will be heading down to our hometown for the August Bank Holiday weekend
(That’s if their not off to Isle of Wight anyway).


Click for this & more scooter rallies
Josh and Ben are working on the Saturday, but Sunday looks to be eventful..
We’ll be heading down to Madeira Drive after lunch to see the scooters on show and meet plenty of fellow scooterists.
All or Nothing the MOD Musical” will be on Brighton’s big screen at 7pm, followed by Quadrophenia an hour later.

So all those that are still about can end the evening by having a few drinks on the beach and watching this classic.

We’ll also be making the most street party for the cider festival at Fiddler’s elbow.
Trust me, this will be the place to be o Sunday night.
Just round the corner from Brighton Pier, the Irish pub will be hosting a street party with a variety of different ciders on offer..


We’re hoping to see plenty of you about at the weekend and look forward to having a few pints with you all!